Why buy a Flow Wrapper?

This is what our Grower/Packer customers are telling us:

1. Flow Wrappers are helping them grow their business

  • With a flow wrapper they can now react quicker to their customers’ needs and pack large orders in very short periods of time. Produce Packers who bought a flow wrap machine to reduce labor and decrease costs have been surprised that they have increased sales to their existing customers. Customers are increasing their order sizes because they know the packer has greater throughput.
  • They also have new customers who are looking for flow wrapped produced. Retailers are looking for better ways to market their produce. Whether it is a stop light pepper pack, tomatoes on the vine on packed on a black tray in overwrap or a custom printed single face corrugate tray that is flow wrapped – consumers love the packaging and packers need to give consumers these options.

2. Flow Wrappers let them sell More Value Added Products

  • By selling packed produce they increase their margins rather than selling their produce in bulk. This is the reason so many farms and greenhouses have turned into produce marketing companies. Selling smaller units results in more margin!

3. Flow Wrappers Reduce Packaging Costs per Unit

  • Competition is fierce in every industry. Many packers are moving to flow wrap to get a cost advantage on their competition. Automating existing packaging operations greatly reduces costs.

4. Flow Wrappers decrease Management Issues with Staffing

  • Far fewer employees are need on an automated packing line thus giving supervisors and management more time to spend on higher value activities.

5. Flow Wrapped Product is Better for Food Safety

  • Flow wrapped packs fit the trend of protecting product from food safety issues at the consumer level. Flow wrapped products also do not get consumers “picking through” the bins – this means less waste at the retail level which means lower chargebacks to growers.

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