Shrink Wrap 101

Knowledge is power today and we are trying to empower our customers and client base with information and concepts that can potentially take their business to new levels. Shrink films and Shrink film applications are still more art than they are science so to speak. There are many variables that can affect the final package.

  • Climate and Seasons
  • Products Being Wrapped
  • Equipment Maintenance and Condition
  • Equipment Settings
  • Film Type and Gauge
  • Tunnel Speed and Temperature

At Crawford Packaging we are focussed on our customers business performance and providing the expertise and knowledge that drives performance and productivity to higher levels. We fully understand the products we sell and the application of those products in production environments. What differentiates us from the majority of our competitors is field support and application, automation expertise. Welcome to our Shrink Film #101 resource section where we hope some of your questions may be answered. Contact us today for an in plant assessment by one of our Field Packaging Specialists.

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