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Part IDDescriptionTypeLengthWidthDepthUomPackPerSupplier
TRAY FOAM 1-S BLACK 1000/CASE #878011-S5.25.20.4CASE1000CaseCKF
TRAY FOAM 14 BLACK 500/CASE #87814^^14660.9CASE500CaseCKF
TRAY FOAM 2-S BLACK 500/CASE #878032-S8.35.80.5CASE500CaseCKF
TRAY FOAM 34/4-S BLACK 500/CASE #8783434/4-S9.37.20.4CASE500CaseCKF
TRAY FOAM 10-S BLACK 500/CASE #8781010-S10.75.80.6CASE500CaseCKF

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Produce trays and produce display trays are made with ease of use and automation in mind. From EPS Foam trays to custom and special print paperboard trays, we have a product that fits your needs. With over 35 years experience in produce packaging we bring expertise and creativity to your packaging requirements. We provide the gold standard in high quality product preservation and presentation. Produce is most attractive at the peak of freshness. The right tray offers upscale presentation to compliment anything from tomatoes peppers and cucumbers to apples, berries and mushrooms.

Let one of our Packaging Specialists show you how a versatile, protective packaging can showcase your fruits and vegetables to look their very best…resulting in quicker turnover and better profits.