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Part IDDescriptionRowTable NameWidthGaFootageSupplierUomPackPerType
HAND FILM GUARDIAN 17.5"X1500' PRESTRETCH 4/CS20Guardian Prestretch Hand Films17.5"Prestretch1500'GuardianCase4CasePrestretch
HAND FILM GUARDIAN 12.5"X1476' PRESTRETCH 4/CS10Guardian Prestretch Hand Films12.5"Prestretch1476'GuardianCase4CasePrestretch
HAND FILM GUARDIAN 14.5"X2000' PRESTRETCH 132/SK15Guardian Prestretch Hand Films14.5"Prestretch2000'GuardianRoll132SkidPrestretch
HAND FILM GUARDIAN 17.5"X2000' PRESTRETCH 132/SK5Guardian Prestretch Hand Films17.5"Prestretch2000'GuardianRoll132RollPrestretch

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Prestretching films are stretched prior to application.

Benefits of Prestretched Film

  • Increase film strength
  • Improve load integrity
  • Reduce the amount of stretch wrap film needed
  • Save on stretch film packaging costs.

Prestretched stretch films are ideal for manual application operations.