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Part IDDescriptionWidthGussettLengthMilTypeUomPackPer
POLYBAG 21"X14X21 1.15 MIL FDA VENT 1M/R        
POLYBAG 21"X14"X21" 1.2 MIL FDA 1M/RL        
POLYBAG 20"X24" 2 MIL 500/ROLL20242 MILPTOEACH500Roll
POLYBAG 26"X16"X30" 1.3 MIL FDA 500/ROLL        
POLYBAG 28"X20" 1.5 MIL FDA 500/RL28201.5FDATHOU500Roll


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An industry standard for source reduction of packaging materials used in packaging plastic bags and ease of use in application, these Perforated Tear Off bags (PTO) are widely used and accepted. Manufactured in a continuous roll of seamless tubing, this film is then heat sealed into bottom-seal bags and then perforated at specified bag lengths for easy tear-off of individual bags. These flat roll fed plastic bags are perforated below the heat seal so they tear off easily and accurately to keep production rolling. The flat poly bags on rolls are made in most cases to custom sizes an specifications for almost any application imaginable.

  • Sizes for 2" widths up to Pallet and Load Cover Bags
  • Plain and Shrink Film Configurations
  • Clear, Tints and Colors
  • Printed and Plain
  • Perforated, Vented or Punched Hole
  • FDA, Ag Canada and Food Approved
  • Slip Treated, Blocking and UVI Agents

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