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Part IDDescriptionSizeRoll WidthLengthSlitPerfUomCasePerColorSupplier
POLYFOAM 1/16"X48"X1250'1/16481250Bundle1BundleWHITESEALED AIR


Part IDDescriptionSizeRoll WidthLengthSlitPerfUomCasePerColorSupplier
POLYFOAM 1/32"X48"X2000' SL12 PF121/324820001212Bundle1BundleWHITESEALED AIR
POLYFOAM 1/16"X72"X1250' SL14 PF21 BLACK1/167212501421Bundle1BundleBLACKSEALED AIR
POLYFOAM 1/16"X72"X1250' SL18 PF14 BLACK1/167212501814Bundle1BundleBLACKSEALED AIR
POLYFOAM 1/16"X48"X1250' SL241/1648125024Bundle1BundleWHITESEALED AIR
POLYFOAM 1/8"X48"X550' SL81/8485508Bundle1BundleWHITESEALED AIR

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For over 20 years,packaging foam sheeting has been accpeted globally as one of he most effective cushioning and surface protection packaging products available.

  • Nonabrasive
  • Lightweight
  • Moisture Resistant
  • High Load Bearing Characteristics
  • Cost effective
  • User Friendly
  • Versatile and Effective

In the manufacturing process, while being extruded, this polyethylene product is exposed to a blowing agent that reacts and causes foaming or millions of tiny air bubbles to manifest within the sheet. The result is an inert product that has all the cushioning and surface protection requirements for many of the leading market quality leaders. The automotive industry has depended on this product heavily since its inception and it is still widely accepted and used today in some of the most delicate and demanding packaging operations. Available in a wide variety of formats all designed to maximize operator efficiency and cost in use.

  • Standard Roll Stock - 48" - 60" - 72"
  • Custom Slitting and PTO (Perforated Tear Off)
  • Custom Sheet Sizes upon Request

Call today for an appointment with one of our factory trained Packaging Specialists to professionally assess your needs for the best outcome.