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Part IDDescriptionDescriptionWidthLengthPerUomPack
NEWSPRINT SHEET 18"X24" 25LB/BDLWrapped Bundle1824LBLB50 LBS
NEWSPRINT SHEET 24"X36" 25LB/BDLWrapped Bundle2436LBLB25 LBS

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A clean low-cost alternative for void fill, wrapping lightweight items or using as interleaving.

Newsprint sheets are securely packaged in boxes.

Newsprint is a clean, white, unprinted, lightweight sheet that is primarily used in packaging applications for wrapping, interior cushioning, and interleaving. Newsprint contains mostly mechanical (groundwood) pulp. Intended primarily for printing daily newspapers, this paper has less strength and permanence than most other papers we sell. Because of what the pulp newsprint is made from, it does not undergo the same chemical process as either Offset or Kraft papers, which is why newsprint will tend to yellow and deteriorate over extended periods of time.