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Part IDDescriptionWidthGaFootageSupplierUomPackPerType
BANDIT WRAP 3"X1000' 47GA 18/CS 40 CS/SKD3 in.47 G1000 ftCase18CaseBANDIT
BANDIT WRAP 3"X1500' 80 GA 18/CASE3 in.80 G1500 ftCase18CaseBANDIT
BANDIT WRAP 5"X1000' 47GA 12/CS 40CS/SK5 in.47 G1000 ftCase12CaseBANDIT
BANDIT WRAP 5"X1500' 80 GA 12/CASE 48CS/SKD5 in.80 G1500 ftCase12CaseBANDIT
HAND FILM 12"X1476' 37GA PLMAX 4RL/CS 80CS/SK12 in.37 G1476 ftCase4CasePLATINUM
HAND FILM 12"X1476' 55GA PLMAX 4RL/CS 80CS/SK12 in.55 G1475 ftCase4CasePLATINUM
HAND FILM 12.75"X1500' 75GA^PLMAX 4RL/CS 48CS/SK^^12.75 in.75 G1500 ftCase4CaseALL-PURPOSE
HAND FILM 14"X1500' 75G BLACK 4RL/CS 48CS/SKD14 in.75 G1500 ftCase4CaseBLACK
HAND FILM 16"X1476' 37GA PLMAX 4RL/CS^^16 in.37 G1476 ftCase4CasePLATINUM
HAND FILM GUARDIAN 16"X1476' 13 MIC 4/CS16 in.51 G1476 ftCase4CaseGUARDIAN
HAND FILM 17.7"X1476' 55GA PLMAX 4/CS 64CS/SK^^17 in.55 G1476 ftCase4CasePLATINUM
HAND FILM 17.7"X1500' 80GA MAX 4/CS 48CS/SK17 in.80 G1500 ftCase4CaseALL-PURPOSE
HAND FILM 20"X1000' 70GA EXT. CORE 4/CS 48CS/SKD20 in.70 G1000 ftCase4CaseEXCORE


Part IDDescriptionWidthGaFootageSupplierUomPackPerType
HAND PRECISIONRAP 17"X1500' 128/SKID17 in.1500 ftRoll128SkidPrecisionrap
HAND PRECISIONRAP 17"X1500' 256/SKID17 in.1500 ftRoll256SkidPrecisionrap
HAND PRECISIONRAP 444mmX457M BOXED 6/CS444 mm457 mRoll6CasePrecisionrap

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When volumes, space or budget restrictions demand that stretch film be applied by hand depend on the experts to get the right solution into your hands. Many recent changes and reengineered products have become available that have revolutionized the hand stretch film industry. Standards and products that were commonplace and popular just a few years back have now been replaced by newer more cost effective and easier to use alternatives. From prestretched hand films to engineered lower gauges, todays solutions are cost effective and operator focused to get the productivity and security your application depends on. Whether you are shipping less than 5 or 10 loads daily or have multiple operators wrapping hundreds of loads, we have the solutions and products that will deliver your goods intact each and every time. 

Our handfilm category was developed by Crawford Packaging to offer the best stretch film choices and solutions to meet or exceed customers’ expectations. We selected the premium stretch films in the market today and committed our supply partners to manufacturing standards of the highest level.

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