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Part IDDescriptionWidthLengthFluteUomPackPer
CORRUGATED ROLL 12" C-FLUTE S/F 250'12250CRoll24Skid
CORRUGATED ROLL 18" C-FLUTE S/F 250'18250CRoll16Skid
CORRUGATED ROLL 24" C-FLUTE S/F 250'24250CRollSkid
CORRUGATED ROLL 36" C-FLUTE S/F 250'36250CRollSkid
CORRUGATED ROLL 48" C-FLUTE S/F 250'48250CRollSkid
CORRUGATED ROLL 60" C-FLUTE S/F 250'60250CRollSkid
CORRUGATED ROLL 84" C-FLUTE S/F 250'84250CRollSkid

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Corrugated cardboard rolls or singleface corrugated rolls provides cost effective ease of use for many of todays toughest packaging challenges. A double layer of heavy duty paper, corrugated on one side provides many of the advantages of standard corrugate but in a roll form. Corrugated Cardboard is an economical packaging option that provides protection and cushioning of goods in transit. It is easily cut , ideal for products that are uneven or difficult to wrap and require solid protection.

  • Roll widths from 12" to 84"
  • 250 Feet per Roll
  • Kraft Color Standard