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The world of produce packaging is constantly in a state of change and evolution particularly in North America. After many years of standard practices and unchanging standards there is now rapid change underway. Technology and automation have now found there way into the North American Produce Grower Packer markets. Advances in consumer packaging and products provided much needed catalyst for these changes with advances like recloseable polypropylene bags to maintain freshness and shelf life while providing attractive and convenient consumer advantages. Packaging produce until recent years has for the most part been a very manual and labor intensive process right from the crop level to the retailers shelves.

Today advances in produce packaging equipment and machinery are providing increased efficiencies and reduced costs for the produce providers. Combined with major advances in film manufacturing and technology a wide variety of products are readily available that can reduce shrinkage, extend shelf life and practically eliminate sorting and handling damage. We specialize in this category and carry a wide range of solutions and produce packaging supplies specifically designed for this market and these products. Whether you are loading and closing produce packaging boxes or looking to completely automate your packaging operations we have the solutions for your company. Contact one of our Packaging Specialists today and discover a new world of possibilities.

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