VCI Packaging

VCI PaperVCI Paper

VCI packaging short form for Vapor Corrosive Inhibitor is an innovative and scientifically based solution to rust and corrosion protection. Based on years of development and study, today’s VCI packaging materials are safe, effective and reliable products. They will protect your valuable metal products to shipping transportation and ensure the products arrive at the end user with none of the effects of corrosion damage. Available in surface liquids, VCI Poly bags, VCI Papers, VCI Emitters all designed with the same dependable and effective protection characteristics.

ESD packaging or short form Electro Static Discharge is a range of products specifically designed to protect delicate electronics and electronic devices from the effects of ESD. These packaging products, mainly bags, have built in barriers to protect against ESD and prove very effective. Contact us today for more information about this very effective packaging product and all your VCI packaging and VCI packaging material needs.

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