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Are you spending too much money on stretch film?

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There has been ongoing development and engineering in the stretch wrap film segment of our business. Stretch film wrap standards set even 5 or 10 years ago are now considered ancient. Advances in stretch wrap film technology and manufacturing advances have taken this product and their applications to a whole new level. The products we carry today, from many of the industry’s leading manufacturers, represent state of the art engineering and manufacturing practices. Focused on source reduction and lowering our client’s costs, we remain committed to the integrity of our client’s products. Our goal is to have all products arrive at their destination in as made condition ready for use or resale. We have a highly trained team of Packaging Specialists who understand the whole concept of stretch film wrapping and the most recent advances in this industry. Combined with our manufacturers’ representatives, we provide onsite analysis and load audits designed to create the lowest cost solution for your pallet load products. From hand applied stretch wrap film in both standard and pre-stretch formats to machine grade and high-performance stretch wrap films, we have the long term solutions to drive costs and waste out of your system. We also support these abilities with our equipment division providing application and automation solutions for all your loading and palletizing needs. Contact us today for an onsite load audit as the first step in the process to real stretch wrap savings.

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