Korrvu® Suspension Packaging

Protect Your Products from Drops and Dings

Sealed Air Korrvu Suspended Packaging protecting a glass product.

Korrvu® Suspension Packaging provides unparalleled protection for your valuable or fragile products throughout the shipping cycle, even after repeated drops. Korrvu® Suspension Packaging suspends your product in the airspace of the shipping container between two layers of highly resilient low-slip film. Each Korrvu® Suspension Package is engineered to the specific packaging requirements of your products, but Korrvu’s® versatile and flexible film enables your packaging to support a variety of similar shapes.



  • The design suspends your product away from impact, providing consistent protection for fragile products even after repeated drops
  • The tough and resilient suspension packaging film retains its effectiveness for return shipments and multiple uses
  • Compliments your product’s appearance, combining outstanding cushioning protection and attractive presentation
  • Easy to use and simple to assemble