Korrvu® Lok™ Packaging

The Presentation Your Products Deserve and the Experience Your Customers Demand

Sealed Air Korrvu Lok custom packagingKorrvu® Lok™ compression packaging is a patented solution for shipping products when presentation and customer experience are key. A Korrvu® Lok™ package reduces the threat of damage and theft in easy to dispose of or easy to return package. Each Korrvu® Lok™ solution is custom-engineered to suit your products perfectly. The unique design utilizes a low-slip film that positions and secures your products to a corrugated backing, which guarantees that your customers will enjoy a retail experience out of the box.


  • Low-slip film positions and secures your products
  • Reduced weight through use of structurally reinforced lightweight materials
  • Pop and lock design reduces operator error and decreased fulfillment time

Ideal Industries

  • E-Commerce & Omni-Channel Retail
  • Cosmetics & Apparel
  • Electronics
  • Books & Media
  • High-Value Luxury Brands
  • Jewelry & Accessories