Sealed Air Korrvu®

The Sealed Air Korrvu® line of protective packaging utilizes patented technologies to hold your fragile and valuable products firmly in place during shipping. Each Korrvu® packaging system is individually engineered, but can be flexible enough to be used for multiple products of similar dimensions. Whether shipping electronics or high end custom metal products the Korrvu® systems can help to provide a simple and effective packaging solution for your business.

Sealed Air Korrvu Lok custom packagingKorrvu® Lok™ Packaging

Sealed Air Korrvu Retention Packaging holding a phone.Korrvu® Retention Packaging

Sealed Air Korrvu Suspended Packaging protecting a glass product.Korrvu® Suspension Packaging

Sealed Air Korrvu Anti-Corrosion Packaging solution being used to ship metal.Korrvu® Intercept Technology™ Anti-Corrosion