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Automatic Strapping MachineAutomatic Strapping Machine

Semi Automatic Strapping Machine

Crawford Packaging carries a wide range of both semi-automatic and automatic strapping machine systems. Our selection of banding machines are capable of medium to heavy duty shift applications, and can easily strap virtually any size of carton.

How Will A Strapping Machine Benefit My Packaging Line?

The benefits of strapping machines in a packaging line

  • Increased Reliability: PLC control dramatically reduces the possibility of equipment malfunction.
  • Increased Durability: The high-quality aluminum frame of a strapping machine maximizes banding equipment durability.
  • Increased Consistency: Patented sensing device on automatic banding machines uses a proximity switch – allowing strapping equipment to always have high accuracy sensing.
  • Energy Savings: Automatic strapping machines have automatic motor shuts off after 60 seconds. This feature reduces wear on the machine and reduces power consumption.
  • Damage Reduction: A strapping machine will allow for uniform containment of cartons and bundles that could easily shift in transit.

What Is A Strapping Machine?

Strapping machines are equipped with a roll of strapping material, which is dispensed and sealed around a case or bundle. Strapping machines are also known as banding machines. The strapping holds the product/bundle together for shipping. An automatic strapping machine can easily be integrated into any packaging line.

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Strapping Machine Parts, Service and Support

For strapping machine sales, leasing, consulting, warranty, installation, repair, upgrades, training, replacement parts and preventative maintenance call 1-800-265-4993 to get in touch with a Packaging Specialist today!

What Industries Utilize Strapping Machines?

A selection of industries that currently use strapping machines within their packaging lines

  • Commercial Printing
  • Food Processing
  • General Packing
  • Lumber
  • Newspaper Printing
  • Magazine Printing
  • Postal Services
  • Industrial Manufacturing

Automatic Strapping Machine

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