Labeling Machines

Crawford Packaging carries a large selection of various types of labeling machines. Our labeling machine lineup includes; labeling machines, thermal printers, large character and high resolution ink jet printers.

Browse the case marking, coding and labeling machine categories below:

Labeling Machine: Apply OnlyLabeling Machine – Applicator

Labeling Machine: Print and ApplyLabeling Machine – Printer & Applicator

Labeling Machine: Inkjet PrinterInk Jet Printing – Large Character

Labeling Machine: Inkjet PrinterInk Jet Printing – High Resolution

Labeling Machine: Thermal PrinterThermal Transfer/Direct Thermal Printers

How Will A Labeling Machine Benefit The Packaging Line?

Labeling Machines dramatically increase production rates and improve labeling accuracy.

  • Increased Accuracy: Label machines are extremely accurate compared to labeling operations completed by hand. Packages can now be coded clearly, concisely and with accurate registration.
  • Increased Flexibility: Label machines can be integrated into any existing production line.
  • Increased Productivity: Label machines simplify and speed up the labeling process dramatically increasing productivity.
  • Reduce Label Waste: Labeling machines reduce label waste and makes disposal neat and orderly by re-rolling the waste backing, making for a safer workplace.
  • Improved Capabilities: Thermal Ink Jet Printers can print up to six lines of large character text.
  • Improved Quality: High quality bar code, text and graphic images are easily printed and then applied using Print & Apply Machines

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Labeling Machine: Cartons with Coffee Label Printed

Labeling Machine Parts, Service & Support

For labeling machine parts, service and support contact 1-800-265-4993 or

What Industries Utilize Labeling Machines?

A selection of industries that currently use labeling equipment in their packaging line

  • Manufacturing
  • Chemicals
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Textiles
  • Electronics
  • Telecommunications

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