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What Is A Case Erector?

Case Erectors are case forming machines that automatically form, fold and seal corrugated cartons from flat boxes. A Case Erector can be easily integrated into any existing packaging line. The addition of a case erector machine to your packaging line can be justified even with a capacity as low as 500 cases a day.

How Will A Case Erector Benefit My Operation?

The benefits of case erectors in a packaging line

  • Decreased Downtime – Tool-less changeovers make switching from one box size to another quick and easy.
  • Decreased Operating Cost – Minimal operator involvement allows for decreased operational costs.
  • Increased Efficiency – Make use of flat boxes and form cases at a rate of 6-20 cases a minute. Operators can perform other tasks while machine is in production.
  • Increased Flexibility – A Case Erector is capable of forming a variety of corrugated cases, from double wall to recycled material.
  • Increased Reliability – Heavy duty steel construction design is capable of enduring harsh industrial environments.
  • Save Floor Space – Operators no longer have to pre-form cases, using up precious floor space and wasting time.
  • Minimal Operator Training – User-friendly workplace designs

Case Erector Parts, Service and Support

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